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Curativo Clinic has all modern physiotherapeutic modalities like advance electrotherapy, MWD and LASER. Scroll down to see more 

Mobilization Bed

Curativo Clinic has availability of state of the art mobilization bed. Mobilization bed, as the name suggests is used to mobilize patients. it is commonly used to mobilize the patient’s shoulder joint, spine, hip joint, and neural mobilization.

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Curativo clinic has one of the best therapeutic laser available. Our laser is type iii a laser that has shown immense scope in helping the patients with acute and chronic pain conditions, neuropathic pain disorders and healing of soft tissues.

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Our clinic provides pain relief through one of the best in class electrotherapy modalities. We have imported machines for Interferential Therapy (IFT), Trans-Cutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation (TENS), Microcurrents, Didanamics etc. Curativo Clinic also has Cranial Stimulation which is one of the only kind of electrotherapy program to help patients with depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders….

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Micro-Wave Diathermy

The Microwave Diathermy or MWD is a heating modality that is used often in musculoskeletal problems, chronic painful conditions and neuropathic pain syndromes. Being one of the safer version of earlier short wave diathermy (SWD), it provides heating functions without any risk to patient’s health. The Microwave Diathermy or MWD is a heating modality that…

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