Cervical Spondylosis is a common painful condition that affects the neck. Many of cervical pain syndromes actually start with postural or musculoskeletal abnormalities. Watch the video to understand why posture is important.

How to Diagnose Our Own Postural Problems
There are 2 ways to diagnose postural problems:

⇒ The first is the wall method.

⇒ The other way to diagnose posture is looking for painful tender spots on the side of the neck, behind the neck, on the shoulder blades, middle back and under the shoulder planes. Watch the video to diagnose your postural problems.

How to Get Started with Postural Correction Exercise:

There are many variations of postural faults, so proper evaluation of postural fault is recommended.

A good postural correction programme always starts with stretching exercise.

⇒ Stretching Exercise:
1. Stretching on wall
2. Stretching arms overhead
3. Lying flat on physio ball

⇒ Strengthening Exercise:
1. Squeezing of shoulder blades
2. Isometric neck strengthening
3. Strengthening of shoulder external rotators
4. Watch the video

If you have too much pain, dizziness, headache then do not continue with the exercise.


There are chances that if we don’t follow exercises regime at this point we may relapse into faulty posture again.

There are 4 strengthening exercises that will be done in advance exercise protocol:
1. Foam roller exercise
2. Band pull exercise
3. Prone arm lift
4. Tummy push on the wall

Do these exercises once or twice daily. Watch video Below to see how to do these exercises.

Precautions are the same:
1. Pain in neck
2. Weakness
3. Dizziness
4. Headache and any other concern

Dr. Vivek Gaur,
PT Consulting Physiotherapist, Curativo Clinic, Gurgaon

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