Arthritis and Degenerative Joint Conditions

Arthritis and Degenerative Joint Conditions

Athritis is a common body joint disease that causes joints and muscle pain in a single or multiple body parts. Sometimes the pain is widespread and a quick consult to Best physiotherapist for Arthritis and Degenerative joint conditions is needed.

Simple abilities like climbing stairs, sitting or standing from a chair, walking around, recreational activities or playing anything becomes very difficult due to arthritis or any other Degenerative joint conditions.

Physiotherapist for Arthritis are licensed professionals with clinical experience. They examine, diagnose and treat conditions that affects body movements or its functions with physiotherapy. And help in regaining the mobility and functioning of the body joints.

Their physiotherapy revolves around improving the movements, restoring the use of joints, gaining strength and reclaim abilities to perform simple body functions. Medications help but a treatment by Best Arthritis physiotherapist aids in relieving the pain and quick recovery alongside medications.

Some treatments opted by physiotherapist for Arthritis are:

– Follow proper body posture in day to day activities helps in relieving the pain and recover body function.

– Use of assistive devices like walkers, canes, etc.
Hot and Cold Ice packs to ease joint pain, swollen or stiff joints.

– Recommend ergonomic chairs, cushioned mats to help with the pain and improve function.

– Suggest modifications to your environment, such as ergonomic chairs or a cushioned mat in your kitchen, to relieve pain and improve function.

– Massages helps in relaxing muscles and joint pain helping in comfortable movements.
Acupuncture sends signals to brain to produce more endorphins

– Exercises jells in strengthening muscles and joints and increases body flexibility.


Curativo Clinic has the best physiotherapist for Arthritis in Gurgaon. Their plan therapy and exercise plan is personalised with each patient focusing on improving the body flexibility, gaining strength, regain coordination and balance of the body. The only aim is to achieve optimal physical function.

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