Cardiothoracic Rehabilitation

Cardiothoracic Rehabilitation

Heart Diseases are fatty deposits on our arteries ball, which when broken away, may cause a clot to form. These clots travel in your bloodstream and may cut your blood supply to the heart causing a heart attack or a brain resulting in a stroke. These fatty deposits can also cause our arteries to narrow down leading to angina. Heart attack, stroke, angioplasty, heart surgery or angina are the conditions of Cardiovascular diseases.

Cardiac Rehabilitation is a structured program for the cardiac diseases patients, designed to help them return to their fitness and function by a team of multidisciplinary professionals. These health professionals encourage, support and aim to achieve the patient’s ideal physical and psychosocial health.

Physiotherapists are the clinical leads of this team helping the patients with their physical activities and certain lifestyle changes by a range of improvement measures tailored individually. It helps the patient physically and mentally by providing them with needed exercises, support, and education.

Clinically experienced physiotherapists aim to

– Improve mobility and cardiac fitness with safe exercises like cycling on a stationary bike, using a treadmill, low-impact aerobics, and swimming.

– Diagnose and asses your mobility for the effects on a day to day activities.

– Maintain sternal precautions if you had an open heart surgery.

– Use of assistive device like cane, walker or crutches for safe movements

– Keep a check on any heart disease risk factors.

– Help you manage your disease.


CurtivoClinic has the best physiotherapists for Cardiothoracic Rehabilitation in Gurugram. Our team of specialist work together towards a tailored exercise program that helps in improving your mobility, decreases risk factors and helps you manage psychological effect against your recovery. They evaluate your cardiac function, diagnose the damages that limit the mobility and prescribe activities and exercises accordingly helping you lead a normal lifestyle.

Our cardiac best physiotherapists help you maintain a healthier heart.

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