Strokes (also known as cerebrovascular accident or CVA) occurs when the brain stops getting oxygen due to a clot causing decreased blood flow, or ruptured vessel in the brain. Causing certain weaknesses, strokes can trigger partial or complete paralysis of the body called hemiplegia.

Almost half of the stroke patients survive the disability as the brain tries to adapt with recommended physiotherapy but it takes years to recover from it. Physiotherapy for strokes shows fast recovery initially in the first few months however in a few years its pace slows down. Physiotherapy needs to continue for years even after the patient leaves the hospital to attain maximized recovery.

Strokes disrupt the balance and posture of the body, making it difficult or almost impossible to move. Only the medicines aren’t enough, the patient needs proper therapeutic help as well.

CurativoClinic’s physiotherapist recommends that the patient’s journey improves with the function of the body, better health and offers independence if Physiotherapy is applied at an early age.

Sign and Symptoms of Stroke or CVA

– FAST Test: Face (can you smile or is your face drooping), Arm (can you lift up or arms or you feel any weakness), Speech (can you speak in small sentences) and Time (tie is an essence, seek medical assistance)

– Weakness on the face, arm and leg for one side of the body with

– Decreased coordination, double vision, dizziness, deafness

– Sudden severe headache, loss of consciousness, nausea, vomiting


We have the best experienced physiotherapists for CVA/Stroke treatment in Ardee City, sector-52, Gurgaon.

Our stroke physiotherapists help in improving the balance of the body, motor functions of the body, like walking, sitting, moving in bed; reduce muscle pain, spasms or stiffness, increase the strength of the body, grow energy levels and reduce the falls.

Physiotherapy plays a great role in the recovery of a stroke patient as it not only brings strength to their limbs or enable them to make movements again, it also helps in gaining the confidence needed to achieve the positive results.

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