Joint Replacement and Tissue Reconstruction Surgeries

Joint Replacement and Tissue Reconstruction Surgeries

Total Joint replacement and tissue reconstruction surgeries are considered for those patients whose joints or tissues have been damaged beyond repair by either progressive trauma, accident, arthritis or any other rare destructive disease and cannot be repaired by medications or exercises. And sometimes, regardless of a successful surgery, an increasing pain, stiffness and reduced mobility is faced by the patient, hence the need for proficient physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy is an extremely important part of Joint replacement and tissue reconstruction surgeries treatment helping in regaining full-body movements, strengths and flexibility to perform day to day functions; requiring full participation by the patient for an optimal outcome. These surgeries lead to pain, discomfort, and stiffness which is expected at some degree.

Physiotherapy treatments aim to minimize knee pain, normalize range of motion, strengthen your knee muscles and limbs, improve alignment, agility and balance, reduce your chance of re-injury and improve body functions like walking, sitting, bending, etc.

Some of the exercises recommended by the best physiotherapists are

– Gentle movements that help in the bending and straightening of the knee.

– The leg may need to be kept elevated to drain the fluid into the knee.

– Respective exercise for the movement of the knee and strengthening of hip and thigh muscles.

– Ankle Movements to remove swelling and avoid blood clotting.
– Use of crutches or walker after a certain session with the physiotherapists.

CPM (continuous passive motion machine) devices may be used to check the alignment and settings of the knee restoring a range of movements. They provide knee support that helps in moving your knee slowly while you are in bed.


CurtivoClinic has the best physiotherapists for Joint replacement and tissue reconstruction in Ardee City, Sector-52, Gurgaon and they start their treatment post 48 hours of the surgery.

The treatments address the mobility and functioning of the knee. The patient might need to have once or twice a day physiotherapy treatment as per the surgery and range of pain helping in restoring the movement in your leg strengthing the muscles and improve the ability to perform simple activities.

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