Pain management

Pain management

Physiotherapy is today’s best pain treatment in the world of increasing diseases and injuries helping you move better and feel stronger at the same time. This treatment deals with the source of the pain and not just that, it properly diagnoses the areas of pain, weakness or stiffness. Curling up in bed with a bottle of medicine of a heating pad is not an answer anymore. Though difficult to go against your body movements, physiotherapy is the best and safest treatment there it. The only thing you require is the best physiotherapy clinic and an experienced physiotherapist for yourself.

Adopting plenty of pain management methods like massages, cold laser therapies for inflammation treatments, microcurrent stimulations (this stimulation helps in the natural release of serotonin and dopamine chemicals), manual therapies or manipulation of joints and bones; physiotherapy is the most accomplished pain relief remedy.

The well-known movement therapy (aka exercise) is the heart and soul of physiotherapy. Be it walking on a treadmill, swimming for an hour or even raising your leg for 10 minutes, the proper and consistent exercises can ease worse pains. The movement therapy strengthens your muscles, stable the joints, increase endurance in the paining parts and increase the flexibility in joints and muscles.

The major body pains can easily be subdued and completely be eradicated with physiotherapy.

Neck Pain

A sore neck or a stiff is the world’s biggest problem, be it sharp neck pain, headaches, inability to move your head, pain in turning around or muscular aches. These pains are very easily fixable with physiotherapy. One of the major reasons for neck pain is the improper posture as it requires muscle strength and endurance.

There are many treatments for neck pains like specifically designed neck pillows for sleep, or Jacuzzi treatments.

Back pain

Almost over 80% of the world’s population deals with back pain at some time in their life and fortunately, most of these back pains are caused by musculoskeletal conditions which can be easily treated. Generally, back pain can be avoided or treated with some basic knowledge on back education, care strategies or exercises.

Knee Pain
It is imperative to get to the source of the knee pain to get the cause of the pain or an injury so that proper treatment can be executed. The source of the knee pain could be any soft tissue injuries, bone conditions or biochemical dysfunctions.

Knee Pain can be treated with simple knee mobilization techniques, massage, taping, stretches or strengthening exercises, rehabilitation post knee reconstruction or knee replacement.

Shoulder Pain
Shoulders are the most mobile joint of the body. Shoulder pains are usually because of weak muscles, small joint contact zone or uncoordinated muscles which can easily be treated with quality assessment and injury-specific exercises

Sciatica pain is the pain that runs along the sciatic nerve which runs from the lower back, buttocks, hamstrings and into the lower legs. Its pain treatment is done in phases that initially relives from the pain and protection, restores normal flexibility, constructs posture and strengthens then restores full function later preventing recurrences.

Hip Pain
Hip pain is spread across all age groups and can be treated with some gentle stretching or exercises, local chemical modalities such as cortisone injections or painkillers or Ice or heat packs.

The hip is the integration of pelvis, SIJ and lumbar spine and demands the assessment of joint integrity or movement, muscle length, strength, endurance, contraction timing and dynamic stability control.

Heel pain
Heel Pains are most commonly caused by injury to the bone, fat pad, ligaments, tendons or muscles, poor biomechanics, improper fit shoes or muscle weakness or tightness. This pain can easily be managed by lower limb muscle strengthening exercises, pain relief techniques, massages, muscle stretches, biomechanical corrections or balance exercises.


Though being the most successful technique to manage pain, Physiotherapy requires an experienced physiotherapist as they work with individual patients at a time and dedicated most of their time in their patient’s treatments and exercises. You can find the best physiotherapy clinic in Ardee City, sector-52, Gurgaon – Curativo Clinic.

Cultivo Clinic has the best physiotherapists for Pain Management in Gurgaon, Delhi/NCR with 10+ years of experience in treating Musculoskeletal problems.

The treatments address the mobility and functioning of the paining parts and strengthens your muscles, stabilize the joints, increase endurance and flexibility in joints and muscles.


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