Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries mostly occur in athletes while participating in heavyweight exercises, sports or rigorous trainings. Each injury different from the other, it is better to consult a sports injury physiotherapist for a quick recovery and further prevention.

Be it a fracture, dislocation of joints, sprains or strains, CurativoClinic’s certified Sports injury Physiotherapists can help you recover from it. They believe in taking a proactive approach and sometimes helps against the injuries through their evaluation.

Some Preventions to be taken for the sports injuries:

1. Wear proper sports gear and equipment according to each sport.

2. Warm Up before any heavy physical activity sports.

3. Train under experienced supervision.
Avoid overtraining or overexertion by taking breaks on regular intervals.

4. Listen and understand your body for any type of discomfort or pain.

Some physiotherapy treatments for sports injuries:

Ice Packs: Ice packs are the starting points by the physiotherapists for any injury as they immensely reduce swelling in the pain areas.

Hot Packs: Hot packs are applied for alleviating pain and joint or muscle stiffness. A hot pack is a common treatment by physiotherapists for the injuries without swelling.

Exercise: The right exercised on the recommendation of the physiotherapists improve movement, flexibility and gives strength to reduce pain.

Aqua Therapy: Aqua Therapy is also known as Hydrotherapy helps in muscle and joint rehabilitation and their alleviating other conditions. This involves relaxing and supporting body weight by exercising in water.

Massage & Stretching: Massages and Stretching helps in tissue adhesions by loosening & relaxing the muscles.

Acupuncture: Acupuncture deals in inserting sterile needles into the pain areas of the patient under specialist supervision.


CurativoClinic’s physiotherapist for sports injuries are extensively trained in the musculoskeletal system and closely works with the athletes or their patients to evaluate their muscle imbalance, range of motion and functional requirements and recommends a treatment as per those.

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